What Make A Successful Forensic Pathologist

It has been quite sometime, I can’t find anything that interests me to post up here. It was only recently when I was browsing through Kinokuniya book shop that I saw her on the row of new arrival shelf. Ah, ha!

Cool! I want to know how’s the makes-up of her BaZi chart that lets her stand-out in that type of profession.

If you feel that dead people can talk and tell you something, then this is definitely the role of Indirect Resource job. This Indirect Resource person must not be a scaredy cat too cause dead people are going to talk to you right? Right! :P

Nope, I’m not into writing what you should have in BaZi to qualify as a ghost-buster, exorcist, vampire hunter or ‘bomoh’ for the local here, whatsoever. It is a much more respected profession but not many may want to enroll in.

The job involves a great deal of investigation. Careful examination of the decease’s body and documentation of the wounds and injuries as well as inspection of the place of death are needed in this job. A lot of thinking outside the box as well as analysis, and at the same time stringent follow of medical procedure and processing are required. As such, the Indirect Resource and Direct Resource, and Eating God are required here to exert that kind of work.

This lady’s Day Master, Bing Fire, is sitting on Xu Dog, the Eating God Star. While only Yi appear on the Year Heavenly Stem, her BaZi actually has a very strong present of wood element arising from the Three Harmony Combination Hai Pig and Wei Goat pushing out the Mao Rabbit. This wood element is her Resource Star. When you have an exciding strong Resource Star, it is likely to mimic the role of Indirect Resource nature more than the Direct Resource disposition. Now, Indirect Resource Star always conveys an eccentric style or personality. This lady is welled-known for her appearance sporting unorthodox style with punk-rock hair dyed purplish red, eccentric clothing, and glittery eye makeup as well as platform shoes.

At the same instances, it is not a job for faint hearted too. As such, Seven Killings Star must present as well. You know what? The Three Harmony Combination is actually formed by the Seven Killings Star in her BaZi.

Yes, the job is called forensic pathologist. At the end of the day, a forensic pathologist may need to produce evidence and appear as an expert witness in the court with all detail research.

The BaZi chart above belongs to no other than Dr Prontip Rojanasunan. Her work and her stands for human rights have many time brings her at loggerhead with the authority.

With Luv,

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9 Responses to What Make A Successful Forensic Pathologist

  1. xiu hong says:

    I am a geng metal, heaven stem is Ding Fire and earthly branches is Yin Metal and i am looking into building my career from scratch again. I was being informed that i should look into careers in the fire industry or an industry that produces fire. Can i know which is the best line i should go into so i can achieve “SPM” ? I am already 31 this year and i have yet to taste any success in life….

  2. Josephine says:

    Xiu Hong,

    I do not understand your description from your chart except that you are a Geng Metal Day Master person. As such, the more you take in hardship the more successful you are. So don’t be afraid to get your hand dirty.

  3. Josephine says:

    Xiu Hong,

    I do not understand the description of your chart except that you are a Geng Metal Day Master person. As such, the more you take in hardship the more successful you are. So don’t be afraid to get your hand dirty.

    • xiu hong says:

      Dear Josephine,

      I am trying to find what are the industries listed under the fire industries…but is hard to find as most of the web just give a very general or little info on these list of careers under “fire” elements. Where can i get the full accurate descriptions?

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  5. ですが、やはり常時PCの前に座っているわけでもありませんので、タスクの追加・変更・削除・参照を携帯電話で操作する必要性が出てきます。

  6. ですが、その時、「好ましい」と考へるからには其處には「好ましい」と考へる原理が隱れてゐる、と言はざるを得ません。

  7. その繋がりで仲良くなったんです――札幌と京都のdOPPO(注5)とか、どこか通ってると思うんですよね。

  8. 来店時には誕生日を証明できるもの(免許証など)をご提示ください窓の外に目黒川が流れ、ゆったりした気分で過ごせるプライベートサロン。

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