Tips for Chinese New Year 2014 甲午 Wood Horse

Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜发财, 新年快乐.

One of the most popular practices during Chinese New Year is to welcome the ‘God of Wealth’ with prayers so that the family can enjoy good fortune and abundance for the coming year. In the Chinese Metaphysics study, the God of Wealth is actually referring to a star with positive wealth influence.

Besides following the tradition of paying respects & offering prayers to ‘God of Wealth’, you can actually do other things that related to wealth such as planning your finances for 2014, strategizing your sales and marketing plan or simply writing down your financial goal. If you don’t have space constraint and the direction is easily accessible, you can burn some fire-crackers for the jolly festival season. If money is not your concern, there are other positive stars that you can tap into too. At the Feng Shui and Astrology event I went recently which was conducted by my Dato’ Joey Yap, he has mentioned similar directions.

So on 31 January 2014 at 00:00 hour, you can commence your CNY activities at this auspicious directions:

God of Wealth – Northwest (for Wealth)
God of Happiness – South (for Relationship & Happiness)
God of Nobility – East (for Nobleman)
Open Door* – West (for Career)
Life Door* – North (for Business & Wealth)

With Lov,

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15 Responses to Tips for Chinese New Year 2014 甲午 Wood Horse

  1. Fanny says:

    Hi Jo
    You put an * for Open Door and Life Door. What does this mean?
    Please elaborate.
    Thank you and happy new year.

    • Josephine says:

      Hi Fanny,
      Open Door is for the opportunities in Career i.e. people looking for a better job offer or a promotion.

      Life Door is for the opportunities in Business i.e. increase in sales of a product which translates into more wealth.


  2. Alb says:

    I don’t understand is it year of horse? The bazi calculator says it’s still year of snake and ox month. Is February 4th is the when year of horse starts? Why are people saying happy horse year now?

    • Josephine says:


      Chinese has to calendar systems, lunar and solar. All the Chinese festivals follows the lunar system i.e. Chinese New Year, Moon Cake Festival etc. The Chinese Solar Calendar which is the system we use for calculation of Bazi and is also the system that show the exact Lap Chun Day. Why two calendar system? I’m not exactly sure but one of the reason is the method of calculation. Chinese Lunar Calendar has seven times in a 19 year cycle, thus an extra leap month (runyue) is added to bring it back into line with the longer solar year. Chinese Solar Calendar has taken all that the leap month (runyue) into calculation.

    • Jesse Grillo says:

      Your points are really well made and thought up. But I sometimes miss the way things were. I book marked it to my book mark site list and will be checking back soon. You really deserve a big kiss right now. I used to live out in New Hampshire so I know what you are talking about here. Does this website have a contact page? I am having a hard time locating it but, I would like to send you an Email.

  3. Carissa says:

    Can you please tell us if this wish making and granting only happens once a year, as in before Chinese New Year?

    Thank you.

  4. Catherine Chin says:

    When we activate wealth sectors, do you recommend still water or water using
    A pump?
    Kindly clarify.
    Thank you

    • Admin says:

      Water with an air pump is better.

    • Cbd Tincture says:

      It’s funny I thought I was a pro before reading your work but it turns out I am a dum dum. After I read this I yelled at the sky and my eyes blew up. Awesome article and straight to the point. This could be sort of funny if it was not also so scary. If your write ups are always this helpful, I’ll be back soon. Each option has its own merits and demerits that can help decision making when broken down.

  5. Anqi says:


    I’m very interested in bazi too.. Thanks for your post.

    May I ask what other way to activate those good dates? I attended dato Joey yap new year talk lately. Gotten list of good dates to activate wealth and relationship at certain direction at certain times at home. Certain areas are the same area to be activated on different dates. How do we activate it then ? Eg washroom or service yard. Thanks in advance!!!

    • Admin says:

      You can do Feng Shui activation with water, spring cleaning and simple switching on a fan. You can actually activate washroom or service yard area so it is best for you to find another good area to activate.


      PS: Purchase 1-year subscription (4 Issues) of BaziChic Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology digital magazine here
      You get to know more of Feng Shui activation and other Metaphysics learning such Bazi, Date Selection etc.

      • I’ve almost no doubt that it is extremely hard to use this knowledge in the real world. This is just what I was searching for. This is excellent, a real eye opener for sure! Keep doing what you’re doing.

  6. Ward says:

    I might hope that I am healthy in both mind, body, and spirit. I’d really like to travel the planet with my family. That would be lovely.

    • bean bag says:

      After looking over some of the articles on your site, I really like your way of blogging. Hey, that sure is a clever way of thinking about it. How many people do you really think could possibly believe in this typeof stuff? If you ever began a cult, I would be first in line.

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