Teaching 八字 Bazi with a Purpose

As always, I feel very excited when I want to start teaching another Bazi class. During the journey of learning Bazi, it has changed my life in many ways positively.

I’m interested in the art of Bazi since young, because this is a tool that helps me to get glimpse of another person life. Yes, I’m a busybody then, and am still is. During my younger days, I was a very shy person to a point of being afraid of approaching people. This knowledge helps to bring people to me because people are curious too.

But the shyness has stayed with me long enough that it has become a bad habit. When I’m shy and nervous, I usually act indifferent and oblivious to people and surrounding. I’ll stay quiet and pretend I don’t see you. With the help of Bazi I find that I have slowly and unconsciously make changes. Still changing.

In 2006 I took my first BaZi class, thinking that it will never be anything more than a hobby. Admittedly, with my budget and income I considered what I paid for the course was pricey but it worth every penny.

It was not the easiest learning journey but it helps me understand myself better, and helps me made certain decision that brings me to where I am now, where I want to be and where I want to go in the future.

Like any normal working girl, I found myself caught in a 9 to 5 job, and I felt that I didn’t contribute meaningful energy and work then. So to say simply, it was boring, and the quality of work I turned out had run in between good to mediocre, and mediocre to bad. However, I’m very grateful that I took up the Bazi course at this juncture because it helps me see that my journey in this job was ending, and I got to make a move. They say when you do the right thing; good people will appear to lend you a hand and bad people will push you so you make your journey to your destination faster. Looking back, I did meet a lot of helpful people. I have met a few cranky fellows who liked to challenge what I’ve learned too. Somehow, I blocked those negative people like what I do when I’m shy – being oblivious!

You attract those who have similar experience with you – a mirror image. This is very true. I have a friend who complained about her working problems every day. I have experienced exactly the same situation and gone through similar feeling too. With Bazi, I began to understand and know solving the problem must come from me and not others. Problems always start-off seemingly from the creation of others. However, whatever happens to you continuously in a same cycle is an indication that you need to reflect on how you handle a situation. As you move up another level, people who still in that situation will drop out from your life or you’ll find little time for them as you began to see that their constant grievances are actually a big excuse. I only understand this when I find the way to live the life I love now.

So I feel Bazi is primary tool for find the purpose of your life through understanding yourself, and knowing your skills and talents. Guesstimating events that take place in your life is secondary. When you know what you want, you’ll know what action to take. You are in control of the events that going to happen in your life too.

This is the reason why I’m so excited about teaching Bazi. I have not just study Bazi, it is part of my experience in life. It was a wonderful feeling to know that I could make a positive impact on people’s lives as how it changes me.

PS: I’m offering a Bazi Practitioner Course Special Package for early bird. The package includes Bazi Module 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 comes with free Shen Sha workshop and 6 follow-up tutorials. Email me at jphang75@gmail.com to find out the special rate.

About Josephine

My friends call me Jo. I am a blogger, a Chinese Metaphysics' consultant, a lifelong learner and now founder of BaZiChic.com. What I like besides being passionate about BaZiChic? I luv travelling. Some point in my life, I’m going to drop everything and just go to places so I can keep the sweet memories of “Been there, done that”. A simple girl like me will usually go to see a movie or two on my free time. Besides this I like to collect books and occasionally I’m a foodie who love dark chocolate.
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7 Responses to Teaching 八字 Bazi with a Purpose

  1. George says:

    Hi Jo
    Happened to see your blog and like affinity, know that you are able to help and really honestly hope you could offer any advice based on your experience to help a young girl. If her chart says she will meet bad influence peers during 2014-2017 and will lost focus in her studies and to be careful. Please tell us what can the family do to prevent such bad influence peers from coming into her life? She is a huge procrastinator to her parents and they are worried since she will not listen to them. The family seems loving and child well behaved. Parents are trying to bond with her before it is too late but child is too naïve and stubborn. But she is very talented and wants to study hard and do well in school. She is kind but only rude at home as wants things her way. It will be so wasted and pitiful if we know there are bad things coming into our lives, or to this innocent child (born dragon year and hour), but do not know how to prevent harm from taking place in her life. People looking for love can use feng shui to attract ideal love and marriage. Please please please do advise if there are things we can do to prevent bad influence peers and in this case an undesirable peer male who will show up to cause great distress to girl and her parents. What can one do to help this child if it is predicted she will faced calamity that will destroy her bright future? If they were to wait till 2017 or later till she can think right as she is matured then, it is too late since she will be out of school by then and not doing well in studies during 2014-2017 is such a waste and pain just to know as parents and friends. ..and not sure what other bad things will happen if nothing is done now.
    Thank you so much. Sincerely grateful if you could offer advice to help her grow up towards a positive and safe life.

    • Josephine says:

      Hi George,

      It is best that you get the parents and their to do a full Bazi consult personally. You can ask them to email me at jphang75@gmail.com

      • Bagas says:

        Der Dalai Lama hat weder einen Ez H+ aufgnurd der TD noch H- aufgnurd des Jahres oHs in der GD.Ich habe mal die ersten 100 Personen meiner Personen-DB durchgesehen. In die Konstellation der TD passen folgende Personen: Andrea Ypsilanti (scheiterte in Hessen an ihrer Kehrtwende zu den Linken), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arthur Schopenhauer, Berthold Beitz, Charlie Chaplin, eine strenge, aber nicht glfcckliche agierende Dame, eine glfccklich agierende hfcbsche Dame.In das Schema basierend auf dem oHs der Jahresse4ule passen relativ viele Personen, wie z.B. ein erfolgreicher Investmentmanager, KT zu Guttenberg, eine exzentrische sich viel zu hoch einsche4tzende Dame, Anna Netrebko, die selbstbewusste Malerin Antoinette, eine sehr me4nnlich wirkende beruflich erfolgreiche Dame, die es mit Me4nnern schwer hat, Carl Benz, Carl Borgward, Conrad Rf6ntgen, eine etwas unglfcckliche und geschiedene Dame, die Boden unter ihren Ffcdfen sucht, eine glfccklich verheiratete Dame.Ich kann noch keinen eindeutigen Trend erkennen und werde das Studium historischer Quellen abwarten. Horst

  2. Tom says:

    Hi Jo,

    Thank you very much for the great info on your blog. Any advice on the following is much appreciated.

    1) For a female born Feb 13, 1966, 5:00 AM:
    YEAR : Yang Fire / Yang Fire HORSE
    MONTH : Yang Metal / Yang Wood TIGER
    DAY : Yin Water / Yin Wood RABBIT
    HOUR : Yin Wood / Yin Wood RABBIT

    - She has weak water, strong wood and dead metal (resource) in spring = WEAK WATER person, and therefore favorable elements are Metal & Water? Or is this a Follow the Leader case (Follow Son (Wood)), and therefore favorable elements are Wood & Fire?

    2) For a male born Jan 18, 1961, 5:15 AM:
    YEAR : Yang Metal / Yang Water RAT
    MONTH : Yin Earth / Yin Earth OX
    DAY : Yin Metal / Yin Water PIG
    HOUR : Yin Metal / Yin Wood RABBIT

    - Weak metal, strong water, but strong earth (resource) in 3rd month of winter = STRONG METAL person, and therefore favorable elements are water, wood and fire? Or is this person a WEAK METAL, and favorable elements are earth & metal?

    - Any idea about the compatibility between these 2 persons?

    Thank you very much for your time and help.



  3. Arleen says:

    Hey amiga!!! I love the dress but… I think the top is SO YOU!! So colorful and free flowing- that’s my choice for you. You’ll produce a splash in either. I love the Limited but haven’t shopped there inside a while- thanks for your reminder. Hugs!!

    • Natural Cbd says:

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