Predicting the Mysterious Fog

My first try of writing story… err… more like a re-writing a story. I actually read it a few times myself, and I like what I read so I guess I’ll be writing story more often from now on. Here is how the story goes:

“The quiet night was shrouded in heavy fog. Every now and then, the sounds of insects and birds broke the lonely silence. Lights from torches shone dimly through the thick fog, giving the impression of at least 20 battle ships advancing quickly and steadily towards the battle ground, ready to attack. A tense atmosphere surrounded the night as the Wei General looked on, unsure of how strong the enemy forces were. He waited for the signal to engage, as the battle ships had seemed to come to a stop in the near distance. Out of nowhere, the beating of war drums broke-out, disrupting the serene and tranquil night. The Wei General quickly took on a defensive stance not wanting to engage in a direct attack when he was unsure of the real situation. He called out to his soldiers to shoot the arrows. Thousands of arrows flew into the thick fog at the stationary battle ships. Nothing happened but the beating of the war drums continued taunting the Wei General to shoot more arrows.

Two men, seemingly oblivious to the tense atmosphere and the flying arrows, merrily
drank away in one of the small boats covered with black cloth and straw figures. One of the men, at first frightened by the possibility of retaliation when the war drums brokeout, now said admiringly, “Sir, you are a spiritual being, not a human being! How did you know?” The other man replied, “A general should know about astronomy, geography, divination, yin and yang principles, and battle formations, as well as the scope of the army, otherwise he is good for nothing.” They continued their merry drinking while the boats collected the arrows stuck on the straw figures. Later, the man checked his boat which was now heavy with arrows. Seeing that the boat has sunk into the river to the level that he wants, he instructed the soldiers immediately to sail home. As the day broke over the heavy fog, he asked his men to shout, “Thank you, for giving us so many arrows!”

When the Wei General knew what had happened, it was already too late.

Meanwhile upon seeing the arrows, Zhou Yu, a military strategist to Sun Quan from the Shu State, sighed deeply thinking to himself, “Zhuge Liang has supreme foresight and brilliant strategy. I am no match for him.”

Zhou Yu was very jealous of Zhuge Liang’s skills. He was worried that Zhuge Liang would become the greatest enemy of the Wu state. Zhuge Liang, the military adviser from the Shu state, had formed a temporary alliance with Sun Quan. While discussing strategy to oppose General Cao Cao’s armies, Zhou Yu was hoping to trick Zhuge Liang, capture him and behead him before the war was over.

Back track to three days ago, Zhou Yu requested Zhuge Liang to produce 100,000 arrows saying that the supply was needed to fight the war, a task which Zhuge Liang readily agreed to. Zhou Yu asked, “Can you complete the job in ten days?”

Zhuge Liang responded, “The battle is imminent, we shall fail if we take that long to produce the arrows. I’ll deliver the 100,000 arrows in three days.”

Zhou Yu, taken aback, said, “Are you sure? We can’t afford to play games with each other.”

Zhuge Liang hearing this then pledged that if he can’t produce 100,000 arrows within three days, he is willing to be punished. As the second day arrived, Zhuge Liang’s comrades and his friend, Lu Su, a minister from the Shu State, began to worry for him. Everyone was anxious. Zhuge Liang didn’t seem worried about fulfilling the order of 100,000 arrows. He asked Lu Su to outfit 20 small boats and to assign about 15 soldiers to each boat. At midnight on the second day, Zhuge Liang invited Lu Su for a drink on board one of the small boats. Lu was surprised and asked why. He answered that he wanted Lu Su to go with him to collect the arrows and during the collection they should enjoy a drink.

So with 20 small boats and 300 soldiers on board, they set off toward the Wei army camp near midnight. On day break of the third day, more than 100,000 arrows were delivered to Zhou Yu.

There is no record of the 100,000 arrows incident in the historical record of Three Kingdoms, Sanguozhi. Whether this incident is real or fictional is still debatable. However, Zhuge Liang was known to be well versed in the divination art of Eight Doors Hiding Jia. The Eight Doors Hiding Jia Book of Heaven contains divination forecasting methods and rituals to call upon the wind and rain. Zhuge Liang strategy in the 100,000 arrows incident might be based on the divination of the Eight Doors Hiding Jia chart that looks like this.

Some critical thinking is needed to analyze this chart for the battlefield.”

Do you want to know how the analysis of the chart is done? How about the same Qi Men Chart applies into business strategy in our modern day? Grab the full copy of Bazichic June 2015 Issue here to read on.

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  1. Angel says:

    Hi Ms JO

    Hope you will continue to post more writings here. We really like what you posted in your old blog and here.

    Please if you will, do share here what you think of people who are born on this day Aug 18. Is it true that the person will have a bright future, but needs to work really doubly hard in order to succeed?

    People like to use the term “this generation” to describe the children of these days and that times have changed. What in your view can you share with us why this generation is so different from other older generations? Why do their often feel they put in lots of efforts and get depressed easily?

    We read your much much older posts and hope to hear your words of wisdom, which we hope to offer good advice to some “this generation” teen kids to help them grow up happier.

    Thank you and please know we find you both lovely and kind.


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