Peach Blossom Star On 2012

Below is the Chart for 2012.

Although the Dragon is the end season for spring, the wood element in this chart is strong. There is a lot of connection shown here. Viewed in term of personal and individual level, there is a lot of networking, friendship gathering and community activities. As such, this chart already indicates good relationship and friendship with people even without the help of Peach Blossom Star.

In addition, this year do have the Peach Blossom Star, You Rooster which combine with the Grand Duke. It is a pretty powerful Peach Blossom Star. If you are one of the persons who benefit from this Peach Blossom Luck, then you are likely to meet individuals with some form of authority. At it lowest form, the individual that come to your life this year are the demanding type or he just plain male chauvinist if the person is a guy. Or a lady who has a sharp tongue who will go after what she wants.

So who will benefit first hand from this Chart in term of relationship? The most obvious Day Masters are Wu Earth, Ji Earth, Bing Fire and especially Ding Fire for ladies. For guy’s Day Master like Geng Metal, Xin Metal, Wu Earth and Ji Earth also have chances.

The second tier is based on Earthly Branches. You can check out any of the animal signs mentioned here, if it found inside your chart then you can also benefit from this luck. The Rooster, of course, is the best besides combining with Grand Duke, they also have very strong Peach Blossom Luck followed by Si Snake and Hai Pig.

While this year Peach Blossom luck may indicates on your chart, it does not say what type of guy that walks into your life. Or it is necessary good.

So besides the star that seem to usher in romantic luck, I think you also need to aware of possible obstacles bring in by the Qi of this Chart. The present of two Ren Waters and two Yi Woods indicates strife competition in many things which includes relationship for individual who is Water and Wood Day Master.

The most obvious trouble in relationship is that you are seeing a person “ding dongging” in between two relationships, one that is previous but ending, maybe not and another relationship that are unsure. If this problem existed from previous year, then know that thing may get worst or improve base on the animal sign that you have or the action you plan to take.

Ren Chen is a good year to put thing to right and make things clear. It is also a good year to close a chapter of your life that does not workout and move on.

The “Ding Donggers” Relationship

The “ding dongger” come running into your life after a failed relationship without taking a pause to see what he really wanted. The person might indicates you may be his soul mate but every words they uttered then made you felt like you’re a lifejacket to keep them stayed afloat than any otherwise.

From the very first word… “How many years only that they can stay with you…”
To the last word, “divorce is good…” show that they have very little to give or wanted anything to do with you in the first place but somehow felt they are stuck with you.

The underlying message is very clear and loud from the start till the end. It is like you are their source of measly for the period they are going to stay with you and you need to compensate for it. So they demand unconditional love, unconditional this and that…

Of course, procrastinator will say “Yes” and then do nothing, react nothing and continue being happy with their life even if they like you a lot. It is always good to be a giver. We wanted to give because we are happy to do that for the special person. It seems the very person has forgotten that, when they started to demand unconditional term. However, know that in life no one owe anyone anything. We give on our own free will. Not that you ask and we will definitely give. You are the source of your own miserable life. No one is responsible for it.

I wonder if they really know what they demanded or wanted it for the first place. You only know what unconditional mean until you started giving it out. So let the “Ding Dongger” ding dong back to place where they are always on demand and needed to be the giver. When you start to give unconditional love then only you know what that thing is mar… If not how you know you are getting the right thing. If they find happiness there it is all for the best.

The “Ding Dongger” never sees the hope in his own relationship.

Hope is not tangible.

Like Feng Shui it is not tangible.

Like the power of your mind it is also not tangible.

Hope is the source of life. It is very important because it lifts you up during the good time and pulls you through during the tough time.

It is like a person I heard who always thought and said he can only live up to forty years plus. And few years down the road he is confident that he will live until sixty. Somehow, some situation or people have showed him the possibilities. This is hope and somewhere along the road this seed of hope is planted in this person life.

Procrastinating is not a good habit. But it is never good to jump ship either when you are in doubt. So procrastinator let the situation evolved. Procrastinator may miss the boat but sometime they missed it gladly. Procrastinator is not indecisive because they don’t know what they want. They just want to make sure you are sure of what you want.

You know a person is still in doubt of what they truly want, when they also doubt what they preach. To be able to up lift the people in your life and be happy about it is good thing. It is a two way thing. You are already half way there if you find that person. You just need some hope and faith. If you still have doubt with the person at your side now, then the answer is obvious.

People who always ding dong in their relationship has not find the hope or see it yet. So any signed of trouble in their current relationship which is in between ending and not, he comes running to you again to see whether the so call soul mate relationship can work. Any sign of trouble, they are also the very first person who call quit first. They have no hope or faith in their relationship. Or you can say their hope in relationship is a divorce or separation.

For me, I’m very old school. I don’t like to call quit. Divorce is never in my vocabulary in term of relationship. I believe anything can be negotiated. When in doubt, I just choose hope. I want to walk with a person who has hope and give hope.

Most important of all, I think every people must have hope in every part of their life. Always walk with hope in your life. It will never go wrong.

If you are able to find the person who give you hope, stick with them. They can perform miracle in your life. I’m a good student… of life’s lesson.

With Love,

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  1. Leonard Yee says:

    Great writeup Jo and I Hope future years will always be better and better for you and others. Happy CNY