Tradition Meets Technology

CNY Day 3 – Surprise! Surprise! Its really a WOW! for the Horse year for me. Did not expect this to come out during Chinese New Year! Thanks to the noble people I met on December 2013 that gave me the opportunities to be featured on the Star and BFM 89.9 Radio Station.

Special thanks to my friend, Eu Geen who helps to make this happen.

The Star Online:

The Article: Tradition meets technology

In 2006, after a decade of working in the unit trust industry, boredom and uncertainty began to set in for 37-year-old Josephine Phang Lai Foong.

“At that point I was 31. I didn’t see much room for growth in my career and needed a change. Without a clue as to what I would do I just tapped into my childhood interest in Chinese metaphysics. So, I signed up for classes as a hobby,” says KL-born Phang in an interview.

“The field of Chinese metaphysics is so fascinating. You can actually learn so much about a person just from the person’s date and time of birth,” she points out.

Phang, a KL-based feng shui blogger and consultant, studied under Datuk Joey Yap and his instructors at the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics.

Her love for bazi, a subject under the metaphysics field, which is an ancient science of destiny analysis that translates the details of one’s birth date to analyse the person’s potential and sense of purpose in life led her to start a blog in 2008 as a way to record her case studies.

Through her blog, Phang started getting requests from readers and friends for bazi consulting.

So, while still working at her unit trust job, Phang started doing part-time feng shui and bazi consultation through her blog.

“Most of my readers are from overseas and when they request for a consultation I do it through Skype,” she explains.

Following the encouraging response she received from her blog readers from countries like the United States, Britain and Brazil, Phang dreamed of giving people access to Chinese metaphysics consultation, no matter where they live and especially for those who don’t live in an area where such a service is available.

She decided to create a website to allow Chinese metaphysics practitioners to offer their services so that anyone who has access to the internet can access this ancient wisdom to live a more fulfilling life.

In 2010 Phang registered her company, BaziChic Chinese Metaphysics Consultancy and was born.

Through this hobby-turned-business Phang also taught subjects such as bazi, date selection, feng shui and tarot. She conducted correspondence courses for overseas students and also taught locally during weekends.

In 2013 Phang left her unit trust job and in November the same year she launched BaziChic Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology e-magazine, a quarterly digital magazine.

“My aim in publishing the digital magazine is to get more people acquainted with the classical studies of Chinese metaphysics so that they can use this tool to discover their talent and life purpose faster,” she says.

Phang also hopes that her digital magazine “will clear up some of the misconception that feng shui practices are tied with religion that comes with many taboos, which is not the case.”

“Currently I write all the content for this digital magazine while my friend and partner, Ooi Eu Geen, edits the magazine,” Phang says.

On her website where various feng shui consultation services are listed one would find the fees quoted in Singapore dollars.

Phang explains: “When I first started my blog majority of my readers were from overseas so I quoted in Singapore dollars, but going forward this may change depending on the response and market.”

Although her “Bazi Consultation Services” in a live chat format is also listed, Phang says that the live chat with a consultant is currently unavailable but hopes to get this going next year.

What currently is available includes feng shui audit services for residential property, house selection and commercial property as well as date selection consultancy services for matters relating to relationships, career, business and health.

If you’re looking for that perfect timing where all your stars align to benefit you the most, it’s time for some feng shui counselling, which – thanks to Phang – is now conveniently available online.

PS: BaziChic Digital Magazine – Sign up for our 1 Year Subscription (4 issues) USD39.80 Subscribe HERE

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In the Mood for Love 2014

This year 14 February 2014 is special. We are having Valentine’s Day & Chap Goh Mei (every 15th CNY is Chinese Valentine’s Day) on the same day.

Are you looking for friendship, romance, or marriage? Although there is no guarantee of a happily-ever-after, there is plenty of opportunity for romance this year for some of us. The 馬 Horse is a Peach Blossom star. Whether or not this blossoms into everlasting love depends on you.

Nevertheless you can use Bazi & Feg Shui to help boost your love life. Do you want to find out how to boost your love life? If yes, you can pay a small fee for my consult on the link below.

and post on the comment below your:

1) Transaction ID
2) Date and 3) Time of Birth as well as 4) your Gender.

I’ll reply you on your comment with these simple answers –
1) ‘High’ chance or ‘Low’ chance and which months
2) Let you know, your personal Peach Blossom and Nobleman location to activate the Feng Shui.
3) A selected special date for you to do the activation.

This Bazi consult will expire on 14 February 2014 at 23:59 (UTC+08:00) Kuala Lumpur. Your money will be refunded to you if you paid after 14 February 2014 at 23:59.

With Luv,

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Annual Luck of the 12-Chinese Astrology (Part 2)

Coming-up the next 12-Chinese Astrology signs.

鼠 Rat

Those born in the year of the Rat may be feeling overly ambitious. Whether this is positive or negative depends on the other zodiac signs in the Bazi Chart. The 月空 Month Emptiness brings with it the power of creative thinking and intuition. This is a star of dreams and transformation. However, given that this is the only auspicious star appearing for the Rat this year, you may want to aim for more realistic goals.

The presence of 災煞 Calamity Sha and 闌干 Lan Gan, indicates that you may be faced with many obstacles this year. Thus it is better to take small baby steps towards your goal.

牛 Ox

Those born in the year of the Ox can look forward to a wonderful year as there are two powerful auspicious stars shining on them. The 龍德 Dragon Virtue brings success in career, business, reputation and wealth, provided that you put in the required effort and work. It also mitigates all the inauspicious stars, cushioning their impact. The second auspicious star, 紫微 Emperor Star, brings good reputation, power, status and authority as well as plenty of noblemen in high places. With these two stars you will be surrounded by good and reputable people who will lend you their wisdom and strength. 玉堂 Jade Hall indicates steady income. Employees can look forward to a good increment. Business people can be assured that they will have steady business income with the help of玉堂 Jade Hall and 紫微 Emperor Star.

Are you still worried about the presence of minor inauspicious stars? Rest assured that any problems that arise this year can be resolved easily.

虎 Tiger

Those born in the year of the Tiger need to be patient and stay calm in the year of the Wooden Horse. There are no auspicious stars in 2014 to smooth the path for the Tiger. Instead there is a constellation of inauspicious stars to deal with.

The presence of inauspicious 大煞 Great Sha is negative for wealth. Think twice before you decide on any matters related to money, purchases and investment.

This is not the year to put yourself out there and to try to call the shots. The 天雄 Sky Warrior brings the danger of being too offensive and defensive. In this state, you can easily cause miscommunications. Inauspicious指背 Back Poking star and白虎 White Tiger indicate that people are going to be less forgiving. The presence of 地煞 Earth Sha indicates that these people are likely to create trouble by making mountains out of molehills.

Be diplomatic at all times. Put in extra effort and stay focused.

兔 Rabbit

Those born in the year of the Rabbit can look forward to a magnificent year. You will see success in terms of wealth and career, and experience good fortune in your romantic relationships.

The presence of the auspicious star 福德 Fortune Virtue brings support from noble people. It has the effect of turning negative events into positive ones. 天德 Heavenly Virtue brings a similar positive effect, further enhancing 福德 the influence of Fortune Virtue. 天德 Heavenly Virtue brings affinity and attraction. You will be more likable this year.

The presence of 福星 Prosperity Star is a blessing in terms of wealth and status. This star is good for growth and development. It indicates literary and artistic talent. This is especially good for those in the education business, who can expect to see a great increment of wealth this year. In general, 福星 Prosperity Star brings improvement in income to everyone.

天喜 Sky Happiness represents many happy events for you and the people around you. Together with 福星 Prosperity Star, it indicates a possible promotion or a better job.

The presence of inauspicious stars like 年煞 Yearly Sha, 絞煞 Crossing Sha and卷舌 Curled Tongue indicates slander, rumours and gossip circulating about you due to envy. Do not pay attention to them as long as you are mindful and kind to others.

龍 Dragon

Those born in the year of the Dragon can look forward to a year of growth and success although they may face some challenges.

The presence of 天解 Sky Relief and 解神 Relief God are a blessing. These two stars bring the help of Noblemen. It can mitigate problems caused by inauspicious stars.

The 天解 Sky Relief and 解神 Relief God together with 八座 Eight Seats bring with them intelligence and a strategic mind. Not only are you able to overcome obstacles coming your way but you are also able to offer solutions to others too. Your consultation skills will add to your income this year.

Although the three auspicious stars can mitigate bad events, you still need to be alert and take precautions against the influence of inauspicious stars. The 月煞 Monthly Sha indicates woman trouble, especially with relatives. It is not a year to work too closely with any female in general as it can cause unwanted slander and gossip.

蛇 Snake

Those born in the year of the Snake are visited by天廚 Sky Chef this Horse year. It indicates good food, enjoyment of good wines and fine dining. The other auspicious star that makes an appearance is 文昌 Intelligence star. This star brings blessings to those in the field of education, research and planning. These two stars bring the help of Noblemen. It can mitigate problems caused by inauspicious stars.

While there are plenty of inauspicious stars, these negative stars are expected to have a very minimal impact. With focus and intellect, you can solve any problems that arise this year.

Out of the many inauspicious stars, there are two that you need to be aware of; these stars are 天官符 Heavenly Officer Charm and 破碎 Broken Star. The presence of 天官符 Heavenly Officer Charm indicates that your wealth and work will be affected by external policies, rules and regulations. 破碎 Broken Star literally means that things will break. It can indicate a broken family, money being squandered or the end of a relationship.

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Annual Luck of the 12-Chinese Astrology (Part 1)

Every year, everyone is looking forward to check out their Chinese Astrology sign to see how they are going to fair that year. So here you are! The 12-Chinese Astrology Signs write-up is partially extracted from my digital magazine.

馬 Horse

Those born in the year of the Horse can expect an agreeable year ahead, especially in terms of professional and career success. The 金匱 Golden Lock brings wealth and financial gain. This star is especially beneficial for those who are employees. You may receive good increments and extra bonuses before the year is over. This star also bodes well for investments. Therefore, you should keep a look out for good investment opportunities. Business people will experience steady sales and profit with the help of this star.

The 將星 General Star brings authority and power. With this star, expect a promotion or an upgrade in status. However, the presence of 太歲 Grand Duke also brings challenges, setbacks and obstacles. Luckily, the 將星 General Star also acts as a nobleman. It brings support and help from friends and acquaintances in high places.

With the presence of 太歲 Grand Duke and 三刑 Triple Punishment, Horse babies will be feeling pessimistic about the external environment. This may blind you to the opportunities that are out there. So try to stay positive!

羊 Goat

Those born in the year of the Goat will have a smooth-sailing Horse year. The auspicious stars, 太陽 Sun / Great Yang and 歲合 Grand Duke Combination indicate great noble helpers. This effect is further enhanced and extended by the 攀鞍 Pommelled Saddle Star. 攀鞍 Pommelled Saddle, on its own, is a literacy star. This star is good for people who are studying and sitting for exams. It is also good for people who are in the education line, researchers, writers and authors.

The 太陽 Sun star indicates male noble helpers. It is also beneficial for business people and employees working in solar energy, telecommunications, IT, motivational teaching and metaphysics.

扳鞍 Pulling Saddle Star indicates many changes and challenges. It is sometimes viewed as a negative star. However, this star opens up new doors for you. This is especially good if you want to make a move into a new and totally different kind of career or work. This star brings transformation. Appearing together with the 歲合 Grand Duke Combination, it indicates strength and willpower as well as the presence of helpful people to help you overcome any obstacles.

Your view on the external environment is also optimistic. You see opportunities in every challenge.

猴 Monkey

Those born in the year of the Monkey will be having a busy year at work this year. Any good or bad factors will be hastened by the 驛馬 Sky Horse. This star brings good influence to Monkeys whose work require travel such as merchants, soldiers and foreign diplomats. This star is also good for people whose work involves international relations.

Everything seems to be happening at the same time for people born under this zodiac. It makes it hard to think things through. Therefore it is best to plan out the steps you need to take to achieve your goals so that you do not get sidetracked.

雞 Rooster

Rooster people are expected to experience a marvelous year with romance and wealth matters going smoothly. In terms of wealth, 太陰 Moon / Great Yin brings good business opportunities and female noble helpers. If your business or work is related to products and services for the fairer sex, you can look forward to a year of good incomes. This star also indicates that it will be good year to work with female clients.

The presence of 息神 Rest God indicates that you are in the mood to take things slow for the year. You may be irritated by those who try to rush you. All in, 息神 Rest God is good for emotional healing and developing positive EQ.

紅鸞 Red Matchmaker brings many happy occasions not only to you but also to the people around you. There are many celebrations to look forward to.

狗 Dog

Those born in the year of the Dog can look forward to a marvelous year in terms of career and wealth. The auspicious stars, 地解 Earth Relief and 華蓋 Elegant Seal, enhances creative problem-solving. Thus, this is a good year to show off your problem solving skills. Consultants and those in advisory work will benefit from these auspicious stars.

The presence of auspicious 國印 National Treasure together with 龍池 Dragon Pool ensures that your good work and contribution will be noticed by the right people. 龍池 Dragon Pool brings you respect and good reputation. This indicates that you will have the potential to be the noble person who is able to be of help to others. Therefore, be confident and helpful. Good advice to others can bring you goodwill.

三台 Three Stages indicates good connections, good people and good communication skills. Dog people who are in sales and marketing, advisory roles and public relations will benefit from this star. This star also helps with networking.

豬 Pig

Those born in the year of the Pig can look forward to a smooth sailing year after a challenging Snake year. Although only one auspicious star, 月德 Monthly Virtue, shines on you this year, it is enough to ward off the negative effects of the three inauspicious stars which are also present. In the first half of the year it can even bring some fame and fortune.

So how do the other three inauspicious stars influence those born in the year of the Pig? 小耗 Lesser Consumer indicates that you will spend unnecessarily on small items. You may regret your purchases. So think twice before buying anything. As its name implies, 劫煞 Robbery Sha brings robbery, injury and loss of money. 死符 Death Charm brings sudden illness especially to those who have always looked the picture of health.

There are many more amazing tips you can look out for such relationships, wealth and career, health in the digital magazine. Grab your 1-year subscription (4 issues) here.

Stay tune to the next Six Chinese Astrology.

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Tips for Chinese New Year 2014 甲午 Wood Horse

Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜发财, 新年快乐.

One of the most popular practices during Chinese New Year is to welcome the ‘God of Wealth’ with prayers so that the family can enjoy good fortune and abundance for the coming year. In the Chinese Metaphysics study, the God of Wealth is actually referring to a star with positive wealth influence.

Besides following the tradition of paying respects & offering prayers to ‘God of Wealth’, you can actually do other things that related to wealth such as planning your finances for 2014, strategizing your sales and marketing plan or simply writing down your financial goal. If you don’t have space constraint and the direction is easily accessible, you can burn some fire-crackers for the jolly festival season. If money is not your concern, there are other positive stars that you can tap into too. At the Feng Shui and Astrology event I went recently which was conducted by my Dato’ Joey Yap, he has mentioned similar directions.

So on 31 January 2014 at 00:00 hour, you can commence your CNY activities at this auspicious directions:

God of Wealth – Northwest (for Wealth)
God of Happiness – South (for Relationship & Happiness)
God of Nobility – East (for Nobleman)
Open Door* – West (for Career)
Life Door* – North (for Business & Wealth)

With Lov,

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