*Important Announcement: Public Apology*

I need to announce something. I made a pretty big mistake– I accidentally included Dato’ Joey Yap’s copyrighted material on Qi Men Dun Jia into the notes that I’ve been selling. However, Dato’ Joey has been really gracious, and have given me the opportunity to redress this matter.

As such, if you have obtained e-versions of my notes, please stop circulation of the notes immediately and delete the e-versions. I will give you a full re-fund upon verification of your purchase details.

My deepest apologies to Dato’ Joey for the infringement and everyone who have purchased the notes for the inconvenience caused. Please see the attached letter for further details.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

About Josephine

My friends call me Jo. I am a blogger, a Chinese Metaphysics' consultant, a lifelong learner and now founder of BaZiChic.com. What I like besides being passionate about BaZiChic? I luv travelling. Some point in my life, I’m going to drop everything and just go to places so I can keep the sweet memories of “Been there, done that”. A simple girl like me will usually go to see a movie or two on my free time. Besides this I like to collect books and occasionally I’m a foodie who love dark chocolate.
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6 Responses to *Important Announcement: Public Apology*

  1. Angel says:

    Hi JO

    Just want to give you our moral support. God will watch over you. Man makes mistake and we believe all is good. When things happen, there is often a reason.

    Your job is to help people and we have always felt you are sincere. We just miss reading articles on your blog. We hope that for readers who are not your members, you will post articles on your blog every now and then to share with us readers.

    Stay strong and write more. We love everything about you.

    He will not put this matter in his heart. We believe your public apology is a brave act for a pretty lady.

    God bless.

    • Josephine says:

      Hi Angel,

      Thank you for your kind and heart warming support.

      I’m glad you love my writing so much. Yeah, it has been awhile since I wrote anything here. I started writing the blog with a lot of love shining my path and in my heart. I guess somewhere along the way, I have lost it.

      So it is easier to write without blasting away the nonsense of my emotion and my mundane thoughts in my digital magazine rather than what I did in my blog. It easier to keep things professional as I can write with just theory and technicality.

      Need some soul searching as to what should I post here. I was thinking of posting the Near Death with Ba Kut Teh story up but a lot of things cropped as you can see so will postpone it till after 30 days of this “Public Apology” posting.

      Thanks again for your support.

      Cheers! :)

    • jsy says:

      Yeah exactly what Angel said. We are only human so dont give up and keep up the good work! We love your stuff. So keep posting to help newbie readers like me to improve on their bazi craft. =D

    • Your website has a lot of conflicting points of view when compared to the other blogs I have read. Where did you learn this stuff? I’ve been working in the business for about 4 years and I often come to this blog for the latest insider news. I love all of the points you have made here.

  2. Hary says:

    I often wake up with a brief euphoric felnieg from a good dream, but if you ask me aout it after my first cup of coffee, the memory of it has often faded. As for the dreams that I do remember, well, lets just say they would have made decent out-takes for the movie, “Running with Scissors”.Rules for blogging, you mean there are rules? I wonder how many of them I’ve broken…

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