Drawing Your Marriage Canvas

Share with you one of the article in June 2014 Issue of our BaziChic Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology Digital Magazine. Usually, the Canvas is drawn for business and career purpose, however, in the June 2014 Issue I used the Canvas to highlight how a couple appear in each other life using the Canvas.

What is a Marriage Canvas?

A Marriage Canvas gives you a big picture of your marriage. It shows the role that your partner plays in your daily life such as how you see him or her as a husband and wife, what you expect from and how you interact with and react to your partner, be it positive or negative, as a result of your thinking, character and attitude towards a relationship.

All the information in your Bazi Chart about your marriage can be explained in a Marriage Canvas. The Marriage canvas will show the positive and negative influence you bring to each other as a husband and wife and areas of potential conflict in your relationship. With this information you can then re-draw a more positive Marriage Canvas that will see you contribute actively to your marriage to ratify the negative issues and/or magnify the positive one.

How can you get a Marriage Canvas?

You will need a professional’s help to draw your Marriage Canvas as it requires deep knowledge of Bazi. However, this article will show you how you can draw an approximation of a Marriage Canvas to give you a general outlook of your marriage.

  1. The most important things to take note of are your spouse’s element and your Spouse’s actual Day Master in your Bazi Chart. These two elements will show you the role your spouse plays in your life.
  2. Irregardless of whether your spouse’s element and Day Master are positive or negative, you always want these two elements to appear as the “Key Love Partner” and the “Person You Serve” in the Marriage Canvas. In context of traditional Bazi study, a favourable element brings positive influence and outcome while the unfavourable element causes the opposite. When it comes to negative and positive influences and outcomes, my view differs from the traditional view. I attach positivity or otherwise to the person’s character, action and attitude rather than the element in the Bazi Chart.
  3. The “Key Love Partner” is derived from the triangle location in your Bazi Natal Chart as shown below in point 3 on the chart below.
  4. The “Person You Serve” is derived from the Month Pillar as in indicated in point 4 below.
  5. Another important factor is what we have and naturally want to offer which is the “Value Provided”. This is derived from the Month Branch. However, you must take note that what you naturally like to provide doesn’t necessarily translate to what your spouse needs. Usually this is the area where conflict arises.
  6. The points 3, 4 and 5 are highlighted in the Bazi Chart 1.

Anna Lee and Francis Yeoh have decided to get married. Anna Lee is born on 26 January 1984 at 10:00 a.m. Francis Yeoh is born on 30 June 1984 at 3:00 a.m. While Anna and Francis are not considered a match made in Heaven, they are still compatible and bring good influence to each other based on their respective Day Masters.

Anna and Francis’ Bazi Charts at a Glance
They are an ordinary couple so do not plan to have a prenuptial agreement. However, it is noted that Anna’s Spouse Palace has a Clash relationship while Francis has a Combination relationship at the Spouse Palace. As such, there is bound to be some ongoing arguments and bickering in their relationship. Since there is a problem with the Spouse and Career Palace, both should decide early on the financial aspect of the relationship – how much of the finances they want to share, the amount contributed to the family, and the amount to keep for their own use.

By identifying the placement of your Spouse element and your Spouse’s actual Day Master in your Bazi Chart, you will have a better understanding of the role they naturally play in your life.

Table 1: Key Elements in a Relationship

Francis Yeoh Anna Lee
Day Master
(Yin Wood)

(Yin Earth)
Spouse Star
(Yang Earth)

(Yang Wood)

Francis Yeoh’s Marriage Canvas

Ideally you want to find the key elements of the marriage, the Spouse element and your Spouse’s actual Day Master to be in the Love Partner and Who You Serve sectors of the Marriage Canvas. Francis Yeoh’s key element is highlighted in his Bazi Chart and translated into the Marriage Canvas below.

Love Partner
Francis’ spouse element (Wu Earth) resides here, indicating that Francis and Anna see each other not only as life partners, but also as friends, supporters and helpers.

The Spouse element here indicates that Francis depends on Anna to help and support him to get what he wants and needs.

Liabilities/ cost
The Spouse element in this area indicates that Francis feels burdened by Anna’s demands and wants.

Anna’s Day Master Yi Wood is here, indicating that Anna can help Francis financially.

Value Provided
The Ding Fire is Francis’ core character and nature. This characteristic and the combination mean that Francis often offers guidance and solutions for Anna’s problems. The combination (can explain the combination?) indicates he thinks this is what she needs, but it may not be so.

Who you serve
Anna’s Day Master resides in this area. This indicates that she is a priority to Francis, and he will try to fulfill all her needs.

Anna Lee’s Marriage Canvas

Now let’s look at Anna Lee’s Marriage Canvas. The key elements for marriage is highlighted in her Bazi Chart and translated into the Marriage Canvas below.

Love Partner
Francis’ Day Master Yi Wood resides in the Love Partner segment of the Marriage Canvas indicating that Francis and Anna see each other not only as life partners, but also as friends, supporters and helpers.

Value Provided
Francis’ Day Master also appears in the Value Provided area, indicating that Anna cares about Francis and wants to nurture the relationship. However due to the clashes, this is what she thinks he needs, but she may come off as being intrusive and controlling.

Anna’s Spouse Element (甲 Jia Yang Wood) is here, and indicates that Francis is always on the move. It also indicates that she expects him to take care of all the external matters such as errands, taking care of the family’s good name and image, establishing friendships and dealing with external matters and people.

Who Your Serve
Francis’ Day Master resides here, indicating that Francis is a priority to Anna, and she will do what she can to fulfill his needs.

This is a simple way to look at your marriage and your expectation and view of certain people in your life. Happy drawing your own Canvas!

With Luv,

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  1. Angel says:

    Hi Jo

    If the spouse element appears in the Hidden Stems of all 4 pillars plus in the Heaven Stem of the HOUR pillar with the key love partner is in the Hour Pillar hidden stem, what does this indicate?

    Does this imply that the spouse is very egoistic but is a good marriage partner? Does it matter whether the spouse stars appearing in the Hidden Stems or Earthly Branches?


  2. Graham says:

    Good day Jo

    We love reading your articles. Can you please tell us if you can make your magazines available at 7-11 stores too or petrol kiosks too?

    If in the chart, it only shows person you serve in the Month Pillar and the spouse DM appears in the Hidden Stem of the Day Master Pillar, does this mean the spouse is very demanding? and is a liability in terms of resources?


  3. Ellen G says:

    Hi Ms Jo

    You mentioned-
    We have compile quite a number of questions for our Justask Q&A column and we are ready to start Justask Q&A in our coming BaziChic September 2014 issue. We will be posting the reply using Bazi and QMDJ to help you, Keep sending questions if you have matters of concern about relationship, career, wealth and even Feng Shui.

    Where can we post our Q? Here at this blog? is it ok?

    Q- Thank you for asking. We think you are very kind at heart. Thank you for this. We have a concern. If the husband’s job requires him to travel often, what is the best cure or feng shui tool we can use so that he can be excused from the travelling OR rather what feng shui cure to use to prevent him from being asked to travel in his job
    1. there are other staff who could go in his place
    2. he is already working very long hours every daily at work with no over time pay and weekends too.
    3.he has a young child at home who needs him

    Thank you and this is my Q. Hope you can advise for the sake of our marriage and child.

    • You have to post your question to justask@bazichic.com.
      The reply and answer will be available in our digital magazine.

    • Pet Cbd says:

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  4. George says:

    Dear Ms Jo

    We recently realized a huge mistake. We did not know it is bad to have to stoves in the kitchen. We have an electric stove and a gas stove side by side. What can we do as we cannot remove either due to the built in nature.

    Please help as we finally think it is why there is so much quarrel between mom and daughter.

    Thank you so much.

  5. George says:

    Hi Ms Jo

    To your Q on how the Universe bring me to you? Happen to chance upon your blog. Your photo is very captivating. Very lovely, very beautiful and your words unbelievably profound yet simple to understand. Most importantly, not sure why, you give me the sense of kindness in you and it feels good.

    Thank you and I think everything happens for a reason.

    Keep writing….and thank you for sharing and making life sweeter.

  6. Kerrie says:

    Hi JO

    We had our very big wedding portrait hanged on the wall facing the main door and our children photos next to our photo. As there are no other walls in the home since we have a lot of built-in cabinets, we can only hang it on this wall.
    Please tell us if this is alright?

    Did we make a blunder?

    Thank you.

  7. George says:

    Hi Jo
    Thank you and happy greetings to you.

    Could not download the free gift from you. Can advise direct website link to download please please?

    Thank you.

  8. George says:

    Hi Ms Jo

    Thank you for always being happy and kind to all who visit your blog. You really give us a sense of happiness just looking at your pictures. Very charming but most importantly the kindness emitting from you.


    • Jesse Grillo says:

      Right up until right this very moment I have had a completely incorrect way of seeing this topic. You kind of remind me of my professor. Well, I guess there really is more than just one way of seeing it. Good feed back.

  9. Jiii says:


    unrelated question, does strong ding fire DM not like seeing protruding resource(Jia)? Thank you.

  10. Ann says:

    Hi JO

    Is there any way we can tell in our BAZI chart that one can be a feng shui consultant?

    Without any knowledge and experience, how do I know if I can cut out to be a good Bazi or feng shui consultant? Such courses are often not cheap.

    Hope you can advise.
    Thank you.

    • Josephine says:

      Hi Ann,
      Yes, there is a way to check if you are cut out to learn this subject and work in this field. However, hard work still needed for you to succeed.
      Best Regards

    • bean bag says:

      Change is inevitable no matter what. This is what I was looking for. Great blog. I look forward to seeing it become even better ongoing. How are you able to stay current with new information when the world is changing so rapidly? You are like the cookies to my tasty soy milk.

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  12. Mira says:

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  16. Gill says:

    Hi Ms Jo, what if both my partner’s daymaster and my spouse star do not appear anywhere in my chart?

    Thank you

  17. Cbd Oil says:

    A big thanks for your article! I found you while on Google. I kind of hate that my Iphone battery is almost gone. I discovered this site by chance. You’re totally a professional.

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