Can You Sell the Artsy Fartsy in you?

Someone has been asking me to write a few famous and noble characters which keep me thinking. However, there is no X-factor pulling or pushing me to write one. Why? Nothing interesting to write about I guess, and also the facts this quote comes to mind nowadays…

milkysmileHahaha! I have just discovered I have a small and average mind. Yuks! Yes, time for an upgrade. Maybe I will write about the people again later when I want my mind to be small.

So for now I’ll talk about ideas and pretend that this idea can really work. Maybe you can tell me if it works for you or your experiences. From the career or business point of view and in my consulting experiences, I have come across many people who do not know what they truly want. Basically one of the factor that cause this is because they have two conflicting Gods/Stars in the same element but different polarity together. In my discussion here, I will focus on the Output Stars which are the Hurting Officer and Eating God. The Hurting Officer is an extrovert while Eating God is introvert. One skill belongs to the performer while the other is artistic.

Some people have better clarity even though they have the Hurting Officer and Eating God together in the natal chart.

Asking them to focus in one work area of either one star is a solution I often offer. However, in the long-run I’ve found that it is not very satisfying and fulfilling for such individual because the elements exist in their natal chart is pulling them in two different directions and likes.

First we must understand that these two gods – Hurting Officer and Eating God needs the wealth element to be valuable so having the wealth star in their Bazi do help. Hence, no matter what they choose to do it will always be rewarded. However, this is not such an important factor in the discussion here per se.

The main issue is to have these stars co-exist harmoniously with each other so that the individual can do two things together and have the fulfilment they want. For this to happen, first we must learn the art of letting go and giving.

I often heard this being said in the seminar, “What you don’t have, give it away.” Basically in term of business, you outsource the work that you are not good at. I like to add another line to this quote, “What you cannot use, sell it.” So for those who have the Hurting Officer and Eating God together in your natal chart, I ask you this, “Can you sell the artsy fartsy in you?”

Letting go can mean you do not need to be the artist himself, doing all the artwork. You can give it away to the person who share your same artistic interest but who are very much better at it. And you?! You help him to sell the artwork. Yes, we must admit to ourselves some time there are certain people who are better than us. Other times we too are better at other area. No one can do all the things alone and be good at it. As such, help people to help you. In the above natal chart, the Eating God is in emptiness. People with the natal chart above are cultured and appreciate the arts but they are not very creative themselves. Every individual has their own capacity and skills, you just have to find yours and make it into excellent one.

In many ways this also applies in business as well. Recently I came across many who want to dabble into the coffee bean business especially those chain coffee retailing. So the first questions I’ll ask, “What make your coffee house standout from Starbucks, Coffee Beans or down to our local franchises like Old Town and Kluang Station?” The quality of your coffee may matter somewhat but it will not be the main pulling factor. Everyone knows the plus factor of good location too. Can you make a different besides what I have just mentioned? So what makes your branding special from the others?

It is not so much of the best coffee bean. Some pull factors are very Hurting Officer style.

Some attractions come from Eating Gods.

Can you bring this one step further? Would you be able to, not only sell the coffee but also give a memorable experience for people to bring home?

PhotobucketShow me what you want to do, I’ll show you the brighter way! ~ Jo

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