Aquaculture 癸亥

Through the passage of time, we can see many trades, skills and professions change, evolve and new one emerges to suit the need of the modern society. The latest development we are experiencing now is aquaculture, which arises due to the depletion of the aqua life, and the increasing demands for seafood consumption.

Therefore, aquaculture emerges in many part of the world. It is also an evolution from an old trade to a new one. Hence, farming and poultry no longer limited to land but it has been adapted to the ocean and river too. Aquaculture, also known as aqua farming, is the farming of aqua life such as fish, shellfish and algae for the consumption of people.

While agriculture involves the element of wood and earth, aquaculture is planted on the water. Hence, it contains the element of wood and water. The Jia Zi 甲字which contains wood and water are Ren Yin 壬寅 , Gui Mao 癸卯, Jia Zi 甲子, Yi Hai 乙亥 and Gui Hai 癸亥.

My guesstimate is Gui Hai. Why? The wood element in the aqua farming is found inside the water, so I eliminated Jia Zi and Yi Hai as both the wood element is out on the stem. Gui Mao is also eliminated on the ground that Gui water hardly can represent the ocean and river. Ren Yin is a suitable pillar for large scale aquaculture like a big plantation that farms 1,000 acres of land. However, I prefer Gui Hai because the wood element which represent the aqua life is like the Jia Wood inside Hai; tiny, floating and a life.

Those who are born in summer and have Gui Hai at the Day or Hour Pillar can consider a career in aqua farming.


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