Annual Luck of the 12-Chinese Astrology (Part 1)

Every year, everyone is looking forward to check out their Chinese Astrology sign to see how they are going to fair that year. So here you are! The 12-Chinese Astrology Signs write-up is partially extracted from my digital magazine.

馬 Horse

Those born in the year of the Horse can expect an agreeable year ahead, especially in terms of professional and career success. The 金匱 Golden Lock brings wealth and financial gain. This star is especially beneficial for those who are employees. You may receive good increments and extra bonuses before the year is over. This star also bodes well for investments. Therefore, you should keep a look out for good investment opportunities. Business people will experience steady sales and profit with the help of this star.

The 將星 General Star brings authority and power. With this star, expect a promotion or an upgrade in status. However, the presence of 太歲 Grand Duke also brings challenges, setbacks and obstacles. Luckily, the 將星 General Star also acts as a nobleman. It brings support and help from friends and acquaintances in high places.

With the presence of 太歲 Grand Duke and 三刑 Triple Punishment, Horse babies will be feeling pessimistic about the external environment. This may blind you to the opportunities that are out there. So try to stay positive!

羊 Goat

Those born in the year of the Goat will have a smooth-sailing Horse year. The auspicious stars, 太陽 Sun / Great Yang and 歲合 Grand Duke Combination indicate great noble helpers. This effect is further enhanced and extended by the 攀鞍 Pommelled Saddle Star. 攀鞍 Pommelled Saddle, on its own, is a literacy star. This star is good for people who are studying and sitting for exams. It is also good for people who are in the education line, researchers, writers and authors.

The 太陽 Sun star indicates male noble helpers. It is also beneficial for business people and employees working in solar energy, telecommunications, IT, motivational teaching and metaphysics.

扳鞍 Pulling Saddle Star indicates many changes and challenges. It is sometimes viewed as a negative star. However, this star opens up new doors for you. This is especially good if you want to make a move into a new and totally different kind of career or work. This star brings transformation. Appearing together with the 歲合 Grand Duke Combination, it indicates strength and willpower as well as the presence of helpful people to help you overcome any obstacles.

Your view on the external environment is also optimistic. You see opportunities in every challenge.

猴 Monkey

Those born in the year of the Monkey will be having a busy year at work this year. Any good or bad factors will be hastened by the 驛馬 Sky Horse. This star brings good influence to Monkeys whose work require travel such as merchants, soldiers and foreign diplomats. This star is also good for people whose work involves international relations.

Everything seems to be happening at the same time for people born under this zodiac. It makes it hard to think things through. Therefore it is best to plan out the steps you need to take to achieve your goals so that you do not get sidetracked.

雞 Rooster

Rooster people are expected to experience a marvelous year with romance and wealth matters going smoothly. In terms of wealth, 太陰 Moon / Great Yin brings good business opportunities and female noble helpers. If your business or work is related to products and services for the fairer sex, you can look forward to a year of good incomes. This star also indicates that it will be good year to work with female clients.

The presence of 息神 Rest God indicates that you are in the mood to take things slow for the year. You may be irritated by those who try to rush you. All in, 息神 Rest God is good for emotional healing and developing positive EQ.

紅鸞 Red Matchmaker brings many happy occasions not only to you but also to the people around you. There are many celebrations to look forward to.

狗 Dog

Those born in the year of the Dog can look forward to a marvelous year in terms of career and wealth. The auspicious stars, 地解 Earth Relief and 華蓋 Elegant Seal, enhances creative problem-solving. Thus, this is a good year to show off your problem solving skills. Consultants and those in advisory work will benefit from these auspicious stars.

The presence of auspicious 國印 National Treasure together with 龍池 Dragon Pool ensures that your good work and contribution will be noticed by the right people. 龍池 Dragon Pool brings you respect and good reputation. This indicates that you will have the potential to be the noble person who is able to be of help to others. Therefore, be confident and helpful. Good advice to others can bring you goodwill.

三台 Three Stages indicates good connections, good people and good communication skills. Dog people who are in sales and marketing, advisory roles and public relations will benefit from this star. This star also helps with networking.

豬 Pig

Those born in the year of the Pig can look forward to a smooth sailing year after a challenging Snake year. Although only one auspicious star, 月德 Monthly Virtue, shines on you this year, it is enough to ward off the negative effects of the three inauspicious stars which are also present. In the first half of the year it can even bring some fame and fortune.

So how do the other three inauspicious stars influence those born in the year of the Pig? 小耗 Lesser Consumer indicates that you will spend unnecessarily on small items. You may regret your purchases. So think twice before buying anything. As its name implies, 劫煞 Robbery Sha brings robbery, injury and loss of money. 死符 Death Charm brings sudden illness especially to those who have always looked the picture of health.

There are many more amazing tips you can look out for such relationships, wealth and career, health in the digital magazine. Grab your 1-year subscription (4 issues) here.

Stay tune to the next Six Chinese Astrology.

With Luv,

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  1. Wong Albert says:

    Gmorning, I enjoy your articles. Wishing you a great Horse year.


  2. Daniel Patitucci says:


    I´m writing to you because several months ago that I´m looking for work and can’t get it; you could guide me in that heading search according to my date of birth please?

    Birth day 15-04-1974 – Birth time 17:20 – Country Argentina – City Rosario

    • Admin says:

      Hi Daniel,

      It is going to be a difficult year for you to find a job. Hence, you may want to lower your expectation. Take any job offer for now although it may not be what you have in mind. If not, most probably you can only get a job on the month of August or September 2014. Work in the job for at least two years before you considering changing to a better job position.

      Best Regards

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