Alleged Intruder just wanted a Shower

There are many scenarios Self-Punishment and Bullying Punishment can happen at the same time but this was a funny one, I saw in the article from the Sun by Nury Vittachi. Here was the story.

A man called 911 to say there was a burglary in progress and he wanted police to come protect him. The caller, however, was the alleged intruder. He got scare of the owner’s two German Shepherds and the possibility of the owner having a gun.

Timothy James Chapek, 24, had allegedly broken into a home in Portland, Ore., and leaped into the bathroom in the house when the woman who lived there returned about 7 p.m. Monday, according to police. Chapek, locked the door and called 911.

This was what he said to the 911 operator, “I just broke into a house and the owners came home…I think they have guns”.

So Chapek under the pressure of Bullying Punishment opted to suffer Self-Punishment instead.

The homeowner and her daughter were heard laughing while they called 911. They were amused by the whole situation.

Timothy James Chapek is born on 6 November 1986, time of birth unknown. I guessed he may have a You Rooster Hour Pillar in his BaZi Chart which formed a Self-Punishment on the day he was arrested. He was going through a half Bullying Punishment at the current Luck Pillar of Xin Chou. He was arrested on 7 March 2011.

Ask why he was in the house, he replied that he was kidnapped and wanted a shower. From his Bazi Chart the Jia Yin and Wu Xu indicate Chapek mean what he said or at least he was not a good liar. Talk about a dumb crime happening in the neighbourhood.


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