A Lighter Sight of the Four Graveyards (Part II)

A Collection Gone Awry…

Edison's Bazi Chart

On June 2007 he has send his computer for repair. It proved to be costly as he has no idea that the pictures save in his laptop is stolen until January 2008.

In 2007, there was a Hai Pig (Annual Branch)-Shen Monkey (Year Branch) Harm Formation. Since it is located at the Year Branches the effect of the harm will only be felt at a later date and will have a long term effect. The Annual Pillar’s stem reveal Ding Fire. Ding Fire to Gui Day Master represents girlfriend(s). This indicated the harm involved and affected the women in his life.

As the year of Hai Pig came to an end and the Zi Rat began to kick start the year of 2008, events began to unfold. In January 2008, his collectibles began to appear on the internet. Every possible search engine will pop up a link to his collectibles if you just type in his name and click the search button. So what does he collects that make it so popular and so searchable? If we look at the Day Pillar we can see the Chou Ox at the home palace. In Part I, I have mention that since the Gui Water and the Xin Metal is found in the hidden stem of Chou Ox it is like the item that you may collect could be alcoholic beverages like maybe wine or champagne.

However, a wine or champagne for that matter, would not have caused such uproar in the media. The collection was actually nude photos of him and girlfriends that caused so much hooha! on the net as well as the media circle.

It has caused waves of shock among his fans and humiliations to those who were once his old flames. His life was even threatened by gangster due to scandalous photos and this has caused much headache as well as nightmare to those unwittingly drawn into this controversy.

By now you would be able to guess who the fellow is. He is non-other then Edison Chen and his many girlfriends are Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung and Bobo Chan to name a few.Edison Chen

Normally, I would classify the photos into art collection that is the element of Yi Wood. However for the Edison’s case, it is not an ART (maybe to him, yes!). Why? Because it has more Gui Water and Xin Metal value than Ding Fire and Yi Wood value. The Gui Water and Xin Metal elements together formed an emotional attachment issue while Xin Metal itself likes to attract attention. It carries certain amount of snobbishness and vulgarity. On top of this, Xin Metal to a Gui Day Master person represents Indirect Resource. Indirect Resource Star when is strong denotes a person who like to seek comfort and pleasures. Hence, the photo collected was more for enjoyment and rather than it artistic or cultured value.

However, this does not mean that everyone who has Chou Ox in their Bazi chart is a sexually addict or will get into the same trouble as Edison did. We have to look at other element that comes to play in one’s Bazi chart.

In Edison’s Bazi chart, there is a Peach Blossom Star, You Rooster is sitting at the month branch. The star itself is born in season. This means attractions to the opposite sex are very strong. In addition, there is a Red Chamber Star located at the Shen Monkey (Year Branch). Again the star is in season because Shen Monkey main qi is metal. (Autumn month represent metal element) When you combined all this together it suggests a very high sexual drive person. Hence, it is not surprising that his hobby lean towards pornography.

As we fast forward to year 2008, Wu Zi year is a year whereby you will see many slimy, notorious, a darker side of personality and bad characters like cheat, thief and robbery come forth. Zi Rat is also another Peach Blossom. In Edison’s Bazi chart, Zi Rat came into Chou Ox and stolen away his collectibles and published it all over the net. In Bazi analysis, Zi Rat-Chou Ox is combination that forms earth. However the combination did not take place in Edison’s chart as it is not conducive for producing earth. Hence, it prompted another action; in Bazi term it is called “combine away”. In Edison case, it is “stolen away”. The Zi Rat (Luck Pillar & Annual Pillar) also came in the You Rooster (Month Pillar) and formed a sexual destruction.

The Wu Zi Rat not only highlighted the scandalous episode of Edison life but also reveal inadequate law to govern the net and protect the privacy of an individual. The police force in Hong Kong scrambled to solve the case as it revealed the loopholes and weakness in the cyber law much to the chagrin of the Hong Kong government.

As we come to the last chapter of Wu Zi year, you might wonder what will it install for us. So far it bring much uncertainties to world economy (U.S. & Europe credit crunch and its chained effect), political instability in some countries (e.g. Thailand & Malaysia political uncertainty) and scandalous events like the case in Society-Generale’s banking to just name a few.

Do you notice that even the weather takes on Wu Zi characteristic? It rains late in the evening, in the dark! [Enigma]


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