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Catalyst For Change

Share “What if right now, we could imagine thousands of new paths to your happiness?” Will you take the leap then? The word change conjures up many feelings. Most of the time people are anxious and uneasy about change. They … Continue reading

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Having The Right Mind

Share What’s on my mind? Yay, All those songs in Sally Yeh’s concert! Shopping tomorrow! A short and quick post. A very short one. What is your mind telling you everyday? Are your thoughts helping you? Or are they obstructing … Continue reading

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Can I Marry A Rich Man?

Share Can I marry a rich man? Such question has been directly to me often enough since I wondered into this field. Before I can answer, many other questions are being heap upon the first one. “Is he caring? Oh, … Continue reading

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Gruesome! Grotesque!

Share In the course of my life, I belief that there is always good in everyone and you can find it if you look carefully even with the most difficult people that cross your path. However, at times certain news … Continue reading

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I Think To Myself What A Wonderful World

Share It was early in the morning, and I was sitting on my bunk having my breakfast. Right beside me was another lady in her bed having a conversation with the doctor. Although I can’t see them as the bed … Continue reading

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