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Happy New Year

Sharevar zstpagid =2670; Today, Yi Si 乙巳, is the last day of the year in Gregorian calendar. As the clock tick past 12 p.m., we will begin the year of 2009. I would like to take this opportunity to wish … Continue reading

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Chinese Astrology in the year of Earth Ox

Sharevar zstpagid =2669; As Chinese New Year will soon arrive, the Chinese will always check out their astrology signs to see how they fare generally for that year. Although it only contains 12.5% accuracy, it is still fun to read. … Continue reading

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2009 The Earth Ox (2009 己丑 Ji Chou)

Sharevar zstpagid =2668; I have noticed a lot of people searching for Astrology Outlook for the Ox year. The Year Pillar for 2009 is that of Earth Ox, Ji Chou. The Na Yin for the year is fire from thunder. … Continue reading

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Disaster strike at home

Sharevar zstpagid =2667; At the wee hour of 3.30 a.m., Wu Zi strikes again. This morning when I read The Star, the headline spelled Buried Alive – another landslide tragedy and a message from my classmate and friend, Chris Chan, … Continue reading

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2008 United States Property Bust (2008 戊子 Wu Zi)

Sharevar zstpagid =2664; Years of Turbulence (Part VII)… Continue from Years of Turbulence (Part VI)… Many things have happened this year. In the early part of the year, everything seems to be rosy has now turns bad. I still remember … Continue reading

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