Predicting the Mysterious Fog

My first try of writing story… err… more like a re-writing a story. I actually read it a few times myself, and I like what I read so I guess I’ll be writing story more often from now on. Here is how the story goes:

“The quiet night was shrouded in heavy fog. Every now and then, the sounds of insects and birds broke the lonely silence. Lights from torches shone dimly through the thick fog, giving the impression of at least 20 battle ships advancing quickly and steadily towards the battle ground, ready to attack. A tense atmosphere surrounded the night as the Wei General looked on, unsure of how strong the enemy forces were. He waited for the signal to engage, as the battle ships had seemed to come to a stop in the near distance. Out of nowhere, the beating of war drums broke-out, disrupting the serene and tranquil night. The Wei General quickly took on a defensive stance not wanting to engage in a direct attack when he was unsure of the real situation. He called out to his soldiers to shoot the arrows. Thousands of arrows flew into the thick fog at the stationary battle ships. Nothing happened but the beating of the war drums continued taunting the Wei General to shoot more arrows.

Two men, seemingly oblivious to the tense atmosphere and the flying arrows, merrily
drank away in one of the small boats covered with black cloth and straw figures. One of the men, at first frightened by the possibility of retaliation when the war drums brokeout, now said admiringly, “Sir, you are a spiritual being, not a human being! How did you know?” The other man replied, “A general should know about astronomy, geography, divination, yin and yang principles, and battle formations, as well as the scope of the army, otherwise he is good for nothing.” They continued their merry drinking while the boats collected the arrows stuck on the straw figures. Later, the man checked his boat which was now heavy with arrows. Seeing that the boat has sunk into the river to the level that he wants, he instructed the soldiers immediately to sail home. As the day broke over the heavy fog, he asked his men to shout, “Thank you, for giving us so many arrows!”

When the Wei General knew what had happened, it was already too late.

Meanwhile upon seeing the arrows, Zhou Yu, a military strategist to Sun Quan from the Shu State, sighed deeply thinking to himself, “Zhuge Liang has supreme foresight and brilliant strategy. I am no match for him.”

Zhou Yu was very jealous of Zhuge Liang’s skills. He was worried that Zhuge Liang would become the greatest enemy of the Wu state. Zhuge Liang, the military adviser from the Shu state, had formed a temporary alliance with Sun Quan. While discussing strategy to oppose General Cao Cao’s armies, Zhou Yu was hoping to trick Zhuge Liang, capture him and behead him before the war was over.

Back track to three days ago, Zhou Yu requested Zhuge Liang to produce 100,000 arrows saying that the supply was needed to fight the war, a task which Zhuge Liang readily agreed to. Zhou Yu asked, “Can you complete the job in ten days?”

Zhuge Liang responded, “The battle is imminent, we shall fail if we take that long to produce the arrows. I’ll deliver the 100,000 arrows in three days.”

Zhou Yu, taken aback, said, “Are you sure? We can’t afford to play games with each other.”

Zhuge Liang hearing this then pledged that if he can’t produce 100,000 arrows within three days, he is willing to be punished. As the second day arrived, Zhuge Liang’s comrades and his friend, Lu Su, a minister from the Shu State, began to worry for him. Everyone was anxious. Zhuge Liang didn’t seem worried about fulfilling the order of 100,000 arrows. He asked Lu Su to outfit 20 small boats and to assign about 15 soldiers to each boat. At midnight on the second day, Zhuge Liang invited Lu Su for a drink on board one of the small boats. Lu was surprised and asked why. He answered that he wanted Lu Su to go with him to collect the arrows and during the collection they should enjoy a drink.

So with 20 small boats and 300 soldiers on board, they set off toward the Wei army camp near midnight. On day break of the third day, more than 100,000 arrows were delivered to Zhou Yu.

There is no record of the 100,000 arrows incident in the historical record of Three Kingdoms, Sanguozhi. Whether this incident is real or fictional is still debatable. However, Zhuge Liang was known to be well versed in the divination art of Eight Doors Hiding Jia. The Eight Doors Hiding Jia Book of Heaven contains divination forecasting methods and rituals to call upon the wind and rain. Zhuge Liang strategy in the 100,000 arrows incident might be based on the divination of the Eight Doors Hiding Jia chart that looks like this.

Some critical thinking is needed to analyze this chart for the battlefield.”

Do you want to know how the analysis of the chart is done? How about the same Qi Men Chart applies into business strategy in our modern day? Grab the full copy of Bazichic June 2015 Issue here to read on.

With Love,

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*Important Announcement: Public Apology*

I need to announce something. I made a pretty big mistake– I accidentally included Dato’ Joey Yap’s copyrighted material on Qi Men Dun Jia into the notes that I’ve been selling. However, Dato’ Joey has been really gracious, and have given me the opportunity to redress this matter.

As such, if you have obtained e-versions of my notes, please stop circulation of the notes immediately and delete the e-versions. I will give you a full re-fund upon verification of your purchase details.

My deepest apologies to Dato’ Joey for the infringement and everyone who have purchased the notes for the inconvenience caused. Please see the attached letter for further details.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

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Drawing Your Marriage Canvas

Share with you one of the article in June 2014 Issue of our BaziChic Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology Digital Magazine. Usually, the Canvas is drawn for business and career purpose, however, in the June 2014 Issue I used the Canvas to highlight how a couple appear in each other life using the Canvas.

What is a Marriage Canvas?

A Marriage Canvas gives you a big picture of your marriage. It shows the role that your partner plays in your daily life such as how you see him or her as a husband and wife, what you expect from and how you interact with and react to your partner, be it positive or negative, as a result of your thinking, character and attitude towards a relationship.

All the information in your Bazi Chart about your marriage can be explained in a Marriage Canvas. The Marriage canvas will show the positive and negative influence you bring to each other as a husband and wife and areas of potential conflict in your relationship. With this information you can then re-draw a more positive Marriage Canvas that will see you contribute actively to your marriage to ratify the negative issues and/or magnify the positive one.

How can you get a Marriage Canvas?

You will need a professional’s help to draw your Marriage Canvas as it requires deep knowledge of Bazi. However, this article will show you how you can draw an approximation of a Marriage Canvas to give you a general outlook of your marriage.

  1. The most important things to take note of are your spouse’s element and your Spouse’s actual Day Master in your Bazi Chart. These two elements will show you the role your spouse plays in your life.
  2. Irregardless of whether your spouse’s element and Day Master are positive or negative, you always want these two elements to appear as the “Key Love Partner” and the “Person You Serve” in the Marriage Canvas. In context of traditional Bazi study, a favourable element brings positive influence and outcome while the unfavourable element causes the opposite. When it comes to negative and positive influences and outcomes, my view differs from the traditional view. I attach positivity or otherwise to the person’s character, action and attitude rather than the element in the Bazi Chart.
  3. The “Key Love Partner” is derived from the triangle location in your Bazi Natal Chart as shown below in point 3 on the chart below.
  4. The “Person You Serve” is derived from the Month Pillar as in indicated in point 4 below.
  5. Another important factor is what we have and naturally want to offer which is the “Value Provided”. This is derived from the Month Branch. However, you must take note that what you naturally like to provide doesn’t necessarily translate to what your spouse needs. Usually this is the area where conflict arises.
  6. The points 3, 4 and 5 are highlighted in the Bazi Chart 1.

Anna Lee and Francis Yeoh have decided to get married. Anna Lee is born on 26 January 1984 at 10:00 a.m. Francis Yeoh is born on 30 June 1984 at 3:00 a.m. While Anna and Francis are not considered a match made in Heaven, they are still compatible and bring good influence to each other based on their respective Day Masters.

Anna and Francis’ Bazi Charts at a Glance
They are an ordinary couple so do not plan to have a prenuptial agreement. However, it is noted that Anna’s Spouse Palace has a Clash relationship while Francis has a Combination relationship at the Spouse Palace. As such, there is bound to be some ongoing arguments and bickering in their relationship. Since there is a problem with the Spouse and Career Palace, both should decide early on the financial aspect of the relationship – how much of the finances they want to share, the amount contributed to the family, and the amount to keep for their own use.

By identifying the placement of your Spouse element and your Spouse’s actual Day Master in your Bazi Chart, you will have a better understanding of the role they naturally play in your life.

Table 1: Key Elements in a Relationship

Francis Yeoh Anna Lee
Day Master
(Yin Wood)

(Yin Earth)
Spouse Star
(Yang Earth)

(Yang Wood)

Francis Yeoh’s Marriage Canvas

Ideally you want to find the key elements of the marriage, the Spouse element and your Spouse’s actual Day Master to be in the Love Partner and Who You Serve sectors of the Marriage Canvas. Francis Yeoh’s key element is highlighted in his Bazi Chart and translated into the Marriage Canvas below.

Love Partner
Francis’ spouse element (Wu Earth) resides here, indicating that Francis and Anna see each other not only as life partners, but also as friends, supporters and helpers.

The Spouse element here indicates that Francis depends on Anna to help and support him to get what he wants and needs.

Liabilities/ cost
The Spouse element in this area indicates that Francis feels burdened by Anna’s demands and wants.

Anna’s Day Master Yi Wood is here, indicating that Anna can help Francis financially.

Value Provided
The Ding Fire is Francis’ core character and nature. This characteristic and the combination mean that Francis often offers guidance and solutions for Anna’s problems. The combination (can explain the combination?) indicates he thinks this is what she needs, but it may not be so.

Who you serve
Anna’s Day Master resides in this area. This indicates that she is a priority to Francis, and he will try to fulfill all her needs.

Anna Lee’s Marriage Canvas

Now let’s look at Anna Lee’s Marriage Canvas. The key elements for marriage is highlighted in her Bazi Chart and translated into the Marriage Canvas below.

Love Partner
Francis’ Day Master Yi Wood resides in the Love Partner segment of the Marriage Canvas indicating that Francis and Anna see each other not only as life partners, but also as friends, supporters and helpers.

Value Provided
Francis’ Day Master also appears in the Value Provided area, indicating that Anna cares about Francis and wants to nurture the relationship. However due to the clashes, this is what she thinks he needs, but she may come off as being intrusive and controlling.

Anna’s Spouse Element (甲 Jia Yang Wood) is here, and indicates that Francis is always on the move. It also indicates that she expects him to take care of all the external matters such as errands, taking care of the family’s good name and image, establishing friendships and dealing with external matters and people.

Who Your Serve
Francis’ Day Master resides here, indicating that Francis is a priority to Anna, and she will do what she can to fulfill his needs.

This is a simple way to look at your marriage and your expectation and view of certain people in your life. Happy drawing your own Canvas!

With Luv,

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Digi WWWOW Award 2014

Dear Readers & Buddies,


DiGi WWWOW 2014

Happy Day to you!

Hope you can be gives me a hand and be my noblemen & noblewomen up to 31 May 2014. I need your help! Vote for me at Digi WWWOW Award 2014 on the link here <>. You can do this with just a few click on your laptop or PC.

What’s this about?
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3) Just being Happy!
Sifu Joey Yap, always says that it is great to be a nobleman extending help to others. This is very true. Scientists and philosophers as well as Dalai Lama alike agree that there are two types of happiness. There is this short-term happiness you get from instant gratification where most people seek. There is a deeper and longer lasting happiness which has more to do with having a larger purpose or meaning in life, and the ability to help and contributing to some kind of cause.

4) Infotainment while you’re waiting – everyone benefits. Bazichic Digital Magazine is a lifestyle magazine focusing on how Chinese Metaphysics tools such as Bazi and Feng Shui can be used to enhance quality of life. It is filled with practical tips on love, career, business, wealth and health, monthly outlook.

5) Getting the Good Dates for your activities.
Digi WWWOW 2014 Award is having 1 Day 1 Vote counting system. Well, I do hope you can vote for me every day, but I know your time is precious so I just buzz you on certain selected good dates to vote for me. Hey, you can use this good dates to do Feng Shui activation or start an important activity too. I’ll call upon you on 28 April 2014 at 21:30 again for the next round of voting. People who have Pig zodiac are not suitable to use the date on 28 April 2014.

If you all have voted earlier the day before, you can vote again.

I’m forever grateful for helping my cause. Thank you very much!

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Teaching 八字 Bazi with a Purpose

As always, I feel very excited when I want to start teaching another Bazi class. During the journey of learning Bazi, it has changed my life in many ways positively.

I’m interested in the art of Bazi since young, because this is a tool that helps me to get glimpse of another person life. Yes, I’m a busybody then, and am still is. During my younger days, I was a very shy person to a point of being afraid of approaching people. This knowledge helps to bring people to me because people are curious too.

But the shyness has stayed with me long enough that it has become a bad habit. When I’m shy and nervous, I usually act indifferent and oblivious to people and surrounding. I’ll stay quiet and pretend I don’t see you. With the help of Bazi I find that I have slowly and unconsciously make changes. Still changing.

In 2006 I took my first BaZi class, thinking that it will never be anything more than a hobby. Admittedly, with my budget and income I considered what I paid for the course was pricey but it worth every penny.

It was not the easiest learning journey but it helps me understand myself better, and helps me made certain decision that brings me to where I am now, where I want to be and where I want to go in the future.

Like any normal working girl, I found myself caught in a 9 to 5 job, and I felt that I didn’t contribute meaningful energy and work then. So to say simply, it was boring, and the quality of work I turned out had run in between good to mediocre, and mediocre to bad. However, I’m very grateful that I took up the Bazi course at this juncture because it helps me see that my journey in this job was ending, and I got to make a move. They say when you do the right thing; good people will appear to lend you a hand and bad people will push you so you make your journey to your destination faster. Looking back, I did meet a lot of helpful people. I have met a few cranky fellows who liked to challenge what I’ve learned too. Somehow, I blocked those negative people like what I do when I’m shy – being oblivious!

You attract those who have similar experience with you – a mirror image. This is very true. I have a friend who complained about her working problems every day. I have experienced exactly the same situation and gone through similar feeling too. With Bazi, I began to understand and know solving the problem must come from me and not others. Problems always start-off seemingly from the creation of others. However, whatever happens to you continuously in a same cycle is an indication that you need to reflect on how you handle a situation. As you move up another level, people who still in that situation will drop out from your life or you’ll find little time for them as you began to see that their constant grievances are actually a big excuse. I only understand this when I find the way to live the life I love now.

So I feel Bazi is primary tool for find the purpose of your life through understanding yourself, and knowing your skills and talents. Guesstimating events that take place in your life is secondary. When you know what you want, you’ll know what action to take. You are in control of the events that going to happen in your life too.

This is the reason why I’m so excited about teaching Bazi. I have not just study Bazi, it is part of my experience in life. It was a wonderful feeling to know that I could make a positive impact on people’s lives as how it changes me.

PS: I’m offering a Bazi Practitioner Course Special Package for early bird. The package includes Bazi Module 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 comes with free Shen Sha workshop and 6 follow-up tutorials. Email me at to find out the special rate.

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