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BaZi Home Study Course
28 August 2011

Dear Member,

BaZi Home Study course with four modules is now available. Now, you can learn BaZi on your spare time on a special arrangement with our Senior Consultants.


The time frame to complete the first two modules is as followed:
  1. Module 1 14 hours
  2. Module 2 21 hours

How fast you complete the module depends on how you schedule your tutorial with our Senior Consultant. You can do it on one hour a week on weekly basis or twice a week or even twice a month. It is all up to you to arrange the best possible time with our Senior Consultant.

All the modules will be taught online by our Senior Consultants. Notes will be sent to you before the tutorial commence on the week. You can pay as you learn. Therefore, you do not have to commit a large sum of money beforehand. The tutorial is also very valuable as you get one to one attention.

A certificate of attendance will be issued to you after each module. You can opt to receive a certificate of Diploma after module 4 by taking an examination.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us (email to: business_development@bazichic.com).

Founder of BaZiChic.com

BaZi "Live Chat"
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