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Your Goal, Objective and Ambition Newsletter
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Your Goal, Objective and Ambition
By Josephine
10 July 2011

How do you measure your success? Most of us will make comparison with our friends, relatives, neighbours and even people we hardly know to judge our own success. However, each person success is not determined by his friends or neighbours’ status and the amount of assets they own. By no mean if this is how you make the evaluation, you are likely to feel depressed because you will never measured-up.

For me, one’s success is measured on what you set out to achieve. You are successful when you achieved your objective and your goal. You can start off with a small goal and keep on setting a higher and higher objective. When each and every one of it are being accomplished, you are on the journey of success. Hence, being successful is a continuous affair.

Compete with Yourself

You can look-up to successful people for inspiration but you do not compare yourself with them. You are one and only unique person in this world. There will be no other person who can be like you. Even if scientists are able to clone another you, it would not be 100% perfect. You have your own rare talent which can be only unleash by your continuous effort.

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Through my consulting experience, I have seen most problems in personal and working life arises from lack of clarity on the individual’s objective and goal.

Do you know that your BaZi can guide you to plan your goal or set your objective according to your ambition? Sometimes, the lack of clarity may due to cyclical influence in the person’s BaZi or in a more permanent situation, the person’s “Ambition Palace” in his BaZi is being countered or lacked support.

Therefore, awareness of one’s problem and understand oneself is critical. It is the first step toward making changes for the better.

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