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Zaria Superlink, Sutera Damansara's Guarded Township

By Josephine, 11 September 2011

I had a chance to visit the Sutera Damansara guarded township last Sunday. A property agent enthusiastically brought me there for the launch of the Zaria super-link development.

The first thing that caught my eye when I arrived were the mountains spanning from the right hand side to the back of the plot of land where the Zaria units are to be built. In this location the height of the mountain looks ideal for the purpose of enabling the units to receive the sentimental Qi from the mountain.

Mountains govern the relationship of people. Therefore, the occupants of houses that are ideally situated near the mountain can expect to have good relationships with customers, superiors and colleagues in business and work. They will also have good relationships with family members.

The nearby mountain belongs to the wood element which is good for those who are in education, publishing and the writing and literary line. It is especially good for children who are studying too.

The show house is not yet built but the model unit shows no missing corner, which is good. As I was inspecting the model unit in the sales office, a person asked if having the toilet located directly above the main door is bad. While it is less than ideal, a closer look the toilet bowl showed that it is actually not directly above the door. So it is acceptable.

If any of you are interested to check-out the unit, you may call Wendy (Property Agent) at +6019-6854877.

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