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Selecting a Burial or Cemetery Plot

By Josephine, 28 January 2013

I have not serious thought of this part of Feng Shui until recently my dad has been very ill. It is with a heavy heart that I go hunting for a burial plot for my parent final resting place. I feel it is best that the preparation is done earlier when everyone still have a clear mind than later when we are too upset of the sad event to give much attention to it.

Many people view the selection of a final resting place as an important decision, and they do choose and reserve a burial plot for themselves well in advance. This can save a lot of headache to family members who have to deals with the pain of the losses.

Others leave the decision to family members.

Whether you're considering purchasing your own burial plot or you're doing so for someone who is dying or has already passed on, you'll find it easier if you arm yourself with a little knowledge.

Location, location, location
It is belief that a selected good location for burial plot or columbarium in term of Feng Shui, can have good wellbeing and harmonious effect on the living family members and their next generations to come.

A powerful landform burial ground can even make their next generation a tycoon. While this may be too farfetched for some, many rich families do have their best selected burial ground done for them. These have been a practice for many rich Chinese families from the old days until now.

Type of burial
Basically there are two choices of burial in Malaysia;
Burial - placement of a dead body in a grave.
Columbarium - a structure of recesses or niches to hold urns containing cremated remains.

Burial plot is always view as a better choice due to the reason that it has direct effect from the energy or Qi receives from inside burial ground as opposed to the columbarium which is built like an apartment unit. However, under good supervision of Feng Shui consultant, there is memorial park who offers their columbarium design in such a way that the units too can receives the Qi the same way as the burial ground.

What's your budget and family planning?
Columbarium, of course, offers much more economy choice for people who are on a low budget while burial plot can run from reasonable to a very high price. The price of your final resting place also depends whether you plan your final resting place as a single burial plot or a family burial plot.

A bigger burial plot do gives you the advantage of maneuvering the coffin and tomb alignment so your next kin can best tap into the energy of the surrounding good Qi flow or Feng Shui.

As for me. I found what I want within my budget. Of course. I saw many with good to top grade burial landform on my hunting trip. However, at the moment I will do with what's best offer to me.

If any of you are interested to select a burial plots for you family or parent, you may email me at jphang75@gmail.com for further details.