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What Has Ghost Do With Feng Shui?!

By Josephine, 29 August 2011


Feng Shui 風水 is an ancient Chinese system using the laws of both Heaven, (Chinese astronomy) and Earth (landform environment) to help a person improve the quality of life by receiving positive Qi from his natural living environment. FengShui literally means wind-water in English.

However, the correct term of Feng Shui is actually “Kan Yu”. Kan means the theory of cosmology and Yu means the theory of the terrestrial. The term Feng Shui is actually a borrowed from the book of Burial Classic 葬書.

The practice of Feng Shui began around 3500 years ago. During this period, Taoism’s influence was popular in China as well. Many Taoist monks also practiced Feng Shui at that time. As a result Taoist religious beliefs and the principle of Feng Shui were mixed and used in the deeply rooted religious society in ancient China. As time passed, this distorted practices found its way into our modern society as what we call “New Age Feng Shui” that employs the placement of auspicious objects around the living quarters as a cure or activation of Qi.

Among the myths in Feng Shui are the beliefs of spirits and ghosts. These beliefs are closely linked to traditional Chinese religion based on ancestor worship, many of which were incorporated in Taoism. In the olden days, the Feng Shui Master and the Taoist monk was the same person. Therefore in the old days and even at present, Feng Shui Masters were called to cure haunted places and appease angry spirits. It was truly a case of mistaken profession. In fact this spiritual belief and cure is more related to Taoism, than Feng Shui.

In the Feng Shui view there are no ghosts. A place which is haunted may arise due to excessive yin energy around the natural environment in Feng Shui viewpoint. Certain combination of flying stars flying into a sector may also cause hallucination in the occupants especially if the living environment has a lot of yin energy or Qi.

This Feng Shui concept is very similar to the research done by Michael Persinger of Laurentian University, Canada. In his research, changes in geomagnetic fields which are created by tectonic stresses in the Earth's crust or solar activity could stimulate the brain's temporal lobes that cause the experiences associated with haunting in individuals.

There are many others misconception and myths that have not been found in the Kan Yu theory but may come from religious connotation. For examples;

  1. Hanging the flute or ba-gua can avoid evil.
  2. Colour can enhance Qi.
  3. Mirror can protect against Sha Qi as well as enhance Qi.
  4. Feng Shui is from the religion of Taoism or Buddhism.

As a result of these malpractices, many are skeptical of Feng Shui. Let me tell you this, planting a “Lucky Bamboo” will not help you enhance the Qi. In fact it can be very bad to the ecosystem.